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San Gimignano + Volterra

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Only a 40-minute drive away from each other, San Gimignano e Volterra offer another great day trip opportunity from Florence or from Pisa. Located in the provinces of Siena (San Gimignano) e Pisa (Volterra), thanks to their hilly position and breathtaking surrounding views, the two cities are among the favorite destinations, in Tuscanyof many history and photography enthusiasts. The arc of history crossed by these two jewels toscani ranges from Etruschi ai Romansthrough the Middle Ages e Renaissance and then to the Duchy of Toscanto the present day. A visit opportunity to be seized when you are in Tuscanyread more

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San Gimignano ...from the beautiful Towers is also so called because of its beautifully preserved towers. It is thought that in 14th century if there were 72, while today there are 14 left. Wanting to make a comparison (risky) with cities US, San Gimignano could be considered a medieval downtown by Manhattan o Chicago. The name comes from Geminiano which was Bishop of Modena and then Patron Saint as well as Modena even of San Gimignano and that tradition indicates him as the protector of the city during the invasion of the Unni led by Attila. San Gimignano was an important city of the middle ages being located on the Via Francigena, one of the three most important religious pilgrimage routes together with that of the Holy Land and Santiago de Campostela.

Among the interesting places to visit in San Gimignano: the Collegiate Church, the Big Tower (accessed), Cathedral Square, Cistern Square, the Walls of San Gimignano.

The hill where it stands Volterra is thought to have been already inhabited in the first iron age (around sthirteenth century b.c.) and its first urban nucleus took place with all probability around the end of the '80s.8th century BC We are in full age etruscan e Volterra, along with Arezzo, Cortona, Perugia, Closed, Orvieto, Populonia, Vetulonia, Vulci, Tarquinia, Cerveteri e Veio was part of the Confederation of the twelve cities main (state) of theEtruria (territory more or less corresponding to the currentTuscany). The walls surrounding the city were powerful fortifications that protected inhabitants, fields and livestock from looting often at the hands of the Galli and the Ligurians. During the period Roman maintained good relations with Rome. In middle ages and for much of the Renaissance was an independent city from Florence, Siena e Pisa first and submitted to Florence Next. The many stores of Alabaster, extracted and processed here from time immemorial, present in the city are also a feature that have made it famous.

Among the interesting places to visit in San GimignanoThe Cathedral, ll Priori PalaceThe Roman theaterThe Medicean Fortress.

The excursion of San Gimignano e Volterra involves departure from Florence (at the facility where you are staying: Hotel or Apartment) at 9am and a return at 5pm. The total duration, including transportation, is approx. 8 hours. Both can be visited independently but if you want a more in-depth historical and a more complete visit we suggest to do it with a local Authorized Guide (at an additional cost, always book it with us) all day (both cities) or half day (one of the two).

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