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1 General Notes

All of the following Tterms and Condizioni refer to all services provided by NCC Florence of Leonardo MuraThese apply to passenger transport for occasional and continuous services and to all excursions with vehicles. They also apply to all other commercial relationships related to transport, so it is not necessary to agree specifically through further reservations. The services are to be considered binding even after the customer has used them. Changes to the Terms and Condizioni shall become effective upon written confirmation by us. I Tterms and Condizioni society NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura shall in all cases apply to 100% even if they conflict with any third party or customer. Changes to the Termini Condizioni are confidential.


 2 Subject of the contract / conclusion and exclusion of transport

 2.1. NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura may accept travel reservations by telephone, email, in writing or online under the current conditions printed in any brochure or posted on its website. However, the service will be confirmed in both cases where the contractor has confirmed the same either prior to the service or when the service has actually started. If the acceptance of a reservation was made on the basis of a printing, arithmetical or spelling error, the Provider reserves the right to reject it. The client is obliged to notify NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura all the information necessary to carry out the requested service, such as: pick-up location, date and time, number of people, destination and number of bags. The information and data described above must be delivered to NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura within a period not exceeding 24 hours from the beginning of the requested service and has a final and binding value.

 2.2. The object of the reservation is the transport of people at the booked locations with possible waiting for the driver. NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura reserves the right to exclude people if the driver believes that the passengers, or even one of them, are under the influence of drugs, in an obvious state of intoxication, mental or psychic alteration that could be a risk or danger to safety and order. In addition, if passengers fail to comply with the driver's directions or damage the vehicle intentionally or negligently, NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura reserves the right to cancel the service immediately with consequent legal recourse.

The vehicles of the NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura and collaborating companies are in possession of regular licenses, with regular insurance coverage. The service is available to all without racial discrimination, political or religious beliefs.

 2.3. For scheduled departures to or pick-ups from airports, railway and maritime stations it is possible to schedule a specific pick-up time for passengers. In the event that the customer communicates a different time for departures or pick-ups from that previously agreed, NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura is exempt from any liability if the customer fails to reach his destination on time. The customer is responsible for his own damages.

The contractor is liable for any damage caused to the customer due to late departure and subsequent arrival at the destination, if (1) a specific departure or arrival time agreed upon in advance between the contractor and the customer has not been observed (2) the failure of the service is not due to a natural disaster, unforeseen technical defects, weather emergency; in this case the customer is released from his obligation to pay.

NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura is also not responsible for any delays caused by strikes, blockades, demonstrations, congested traffic or traffic accidents caused by third parties and in which they see unintentionally involved the vehicles of NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura on the route and preclude their arrival at the agreed time.

The same conditions shall also apply if the service is subcontracted for the above items.

 NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura is also exempt from liability if the duration of the scheduled transport is exceeded due to unavoidable circumstances despite the fact that the transport itself was carried out with the utmost care and therefore possible consequences could not be avoided.

 2.4. Complaints arising from any inefficiencies must be submitted via email within three (3) days and no later than the date of service termination.


3 Pricing

Transport prices do not include any waiting costs for the driver unless previously agreed.

All prices are, unless otherwise indicated, in EURO and do NOT include VAT.


4 Payment terms

The fee is due upon completion of service and charged by credit card/debit or, if the expenditure does not exceed the maximum cash payment limit provided by current Italian laws, in cash or by transfer bank For prepayments.

Exceptions are only reservations for which a different written agreement has been made in advance. For bookings of services involving amounts over €1,000.00, the customer agrees to pay a deposit of 50%. The balance of the remaining 50%will be paid at the end of the service directly to the driver by credit/debit card* or in the terms previously agreed by bank transfer upon invoice.

Invoice payments by bank transfer must be paid to the bank account indicated on the invoice or made at the end of the service by credit/debit card*.

Le credit cards and debt* are accepted on all vehicles of NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura.

Cash payments are allowed, as long as they do not exceed a maximum amount of €2,000.00 (until December 31, 2020) and €1,000.00 (from January 1, 2021) as required by current Italian laws.

Payment shall be made to NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura the issue of the invoice. In case of default by the customer NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura will avail itself of the right to charge interest on the amount due at the interest rate calculated by commercial banks at the end of the period of seven (7) days following the request for payment. Please also note that the contractor will charge a fee of €5.00 for each reminder. In the event that NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura if the customer does not meet its payment obligations, it shall be entitled to demand advance payment of the outstanding debt. In addition, NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura, has the right to withdraw from all agreements if there is a breach by the customer.

*Visa®, MasterCard®, AmericanExpress®.


5 Cancellations

If the customer should withdraw from the previously made agreements and thus cancel the services with our company, NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura has the right to generate a claim for damages.

If one or more services, agreed in advance, are not used or cancelled within the prescribed time, the customer must pay the full price of the service previously agreed without any reduction.

If one or more services, agreed in advance, are cancelled, the deposit (20% of the total price) will not be, in any case, refundable.

If cancellation occurs:

  • 15 days prior to the start of service, the penalty is 0%
  • from 14 days up to 7 days before the start of the service, the penalty is 50%
  • from 6 days up to 1 day before the start of the service, the penalty is 75%
  • Less than 24 hours prior to the start of service, the penalty is 100%


6 Customer obligations and responsibilities and of each passenger

The duty of each passenger is to follow the good rules of conduct in force inside our vehicles, for their safety, the safety of our driver and other people inside the cabin. For safety reasons, the driver's instructions must be followed at all times. Passengers are responsible for complying with the obligation to sit in their own seats, as well as for supervising and providing care for minors associated with them, and for providing protection for any animals that may be accompanying them. Clients must ensure that minors traveling with them open the doors only after authorization from the driver. Customers and accompanying persons are in any case obliged to check that opening the doors does not cause any danger. In case of damage, customers and accompanying persons are responsible. Clients must take care of their luggage and any animals accompanying them, even if the driver will help them with the correct loading of the same and any fixing of the devices to the seats if there are any and provided they are compatible. Should it not be possible to load and secure a device or should the loaded objects be a risk for the driver or the vehicle itself, such objects may be excluded from the service. In addition, passengers may be excluded from transportation if they have made an incorrect reservation in which the number of passengers reported exceeds the number in the initial reservation and exceeds the number of seats available in the vehicle. Damage to the vehicles caused directly or indirectly by the customer and/or passenger due to negligence or failure to comply with the current rules of conduct in our vehicles will all be borne by the customer.

Any dirt detected inside the vehicle caused directly or indirectly by the customer and / or passenger to the customer will be charged separately extra cleaning costs.


7 Warranty, liability and limitation of liability

7.1. The natural wear and tear of the containers and suitcases and/or their contents during transport excludes NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura from any guarantee that this will not happen. Suitcases, bags and other containers, even if correctly positioned in the vehicle, may be subject to natural wear and tear during transport and in this case NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura is not responsible. Any damage to the paintwork of bicycles, wheelchairs, baby carriages or other transported material raises NCC Firenze of Leonardo Mura from any responsibility, all the more so if the positioning of the same inside the vehicle has been previously approved by the customer. It is also not the responsibility of NCC Firenze of Leonardo Mura the contents of the baggage transported if this is not in any way permitted by law (eg drugs, etc..) and will be the customer himself to answer directly before the police authorities who have detected the presence during a possible control.

 7.2. Any complaints regarding damage to suitcases and other transported material must be brought to the attention of the NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura immediately at the end of the trip.

 7.3. Customers are responsible for any personal injury or damage to the vehicle and/or others transported resulting from the consumption of tobacco, alcohol or food which are strictly prohibited inside the vehicle.

 7.4. The customer is liable, within the scope of the legal provisions, for damage to property or personal injury caused by him. This also applies to damage to vehicles owned by NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura or third parties caused by negligence on the part of accompanied minors, animals or transported goods. This also applies in particular to damage caused by vomiting, incontinence, food or products which have leaked out of their containers.

In order to quantify these damages, the contractor will claim not only elimination but also loss of profit due to damages caused by the latter.


8 Privacy

NCC Florence of Leonardo Mura collects, processes and uses operational and personal data in accordance with legal requirements. The customer expressly agrees to the collection, processing and use of his personal data (Art. 6 GDPR).


9 Competent Court

In case of dispute between the parties concerning the interpretation and/or execution of this contract, the competent court is exclusively the one in Florence.


10 Severability clause

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, unenforceable or impracticable, the validity, enforceability and performance of the remaining portions of these Terms and Conditions shall not be affected. The void, ineffective or unenforceable provision will be superseded, with effect from ex tuncby an effective provision whose economic purpose comes as close as possible to what the parties intended.


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