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Pisa + Lucca

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The Cities of Pisa e Lucca positioned in the area of the Tuscany Northwest and not far from the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea they represent two of the most famous Italian cities; both of origin Romane and even Greekaccording to a legend, for PisaTheir centuries-old history and monuments have made them famous throughout the world. Just think of Square of Miracles and the Leaning Tower a Pisa or the famous City walls a Lucca To spark the desire to visit them.... read more

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Pisa with its secular history knows in the Middle Agesamong othersXI and the 15th century, its maximum splendor when from Independent Republic (First Republic of Pisa) became one of the Maritime Republics Italian most important. Famous for its Leaning Tower built in XII century and which attracts millions of tourists every year, Pisa is the city that gives birth to the great Physicist and Astronomer Galileo Galilei as well as being the seat of three of the most important Italian and European Universities: l'University of PisaThe Scuola Superiore Normale and the Scuola superiore Sant’Anna.

Among the interesting places to visit in Pisa: Square of MiraclesThe Cathedral, the Leaning Tower (verification of the availability), The Baptistery.

Lucca among the cities of art of Italy is considered with its monuments, including the Church of San Michele in Foroone of the greatest examples of Romanesque architecture. Of certain origin Romana, with probable settlements pre-Romans, Lucca is famous for its intact Renaissance City Wall, for the famous monuments, churches (so many to be nicknamed the city of 100 churches) and Squares including Amphitheater Square born on the remains of an ancient roman amphitheater. The period medieval marks the growth of this city and towards 1300 becomes one of the most important cities of Italy. Despite the wars between Guelphs e Ghibellini in which they saw it involved in victorious battles against Florence that tried to conquer it, Lucca remained a Independent Republic until 1799 when it fell at the hands of the French of Napoleon Bonaparte. Lucca is the city that gives birth to Giacomo Puccini.

Among the interesting places to visit in LuccaThe Cathedral of Lucca, the Church of San Michele in Foro, Amphitheater Square, the Guinigi Tower, Napoleon Square.

The excursion of Pisa e Lucca foresees departure from Florence at 9am and return at 5pm. The total duration, including transportation, is about 8 hours. Both cities can be visited independently but if you want a more in-depth historical and a more complete visit we suggest to do it with a local Authorized Guide (at an additional cost, always book it with us) all day (both cities) or half day (one of the two).

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