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Montalcino's Brunello Wine Tour

From: 650.00 (VAT 10% incl.)

The Wine Tour del BrunelloMontalcino is another opportunity to know another great wine of Tuscany. On the way to Siena, Montalcino offers the possibility to immerse oneself in the knowledge of one of the best wines of Italy whose tradition is not as young as one may think. Combined with the visit of Montalcino, tasting of Brunello can be combined with the delicious specialties tuscan directly in the 'cellar' or in the restaurant suggested by us... read more

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Located about 1h and 30/40 minutes from Florence and 30/40 minutes from Siena, Montalcino stands on a hill 564 meters above sea level. Situated in the South by Siena, we are in the south center of Tuscany not far from Mount Amiata, not active volcano and today a beautiful place for walks in summer and ski resort in winter.

Probably inhabited already in epoch etruscan, for a long time and until late middle ages, Montalcino like many villages medieval tuscansIt enjoyed long periods of peace that made its inhabitants prosper. Involved indirectly in the clashes that often Siena had with Florenceafter the fall of Siena in 1555, was the refuge of the Sienese nobility which gave life to the Republic of Siena repaired in Montalcino for 4 years. Montalcino was then annexed to the Graduation of Tuscany and remained there untilUnity of Italy 1861.

The real luck of Montalcino dates back to the mid 1900's when it was discovered to be in the center of a territory really suitable for the cultivation of grapes. Except for Biondi Santi (Greppo farm) whose first Brunello dates back to 1865, the Brunello began to make its way after 1950 and around 1970 other wineries began to convert their traditional cultivations into vineyards until today there are more than 200 wineries producing Brunello present in the area of Montalcino. Produced with only grapes from Sangiovese grosso, the Brunello has a long aging in small casks and is considered today one of the best wines of the world.Italy and the world.

The Brunello Wine Tour in Montalcino foresees a departure from Florence at 9am and a return at 6pm. The total duration, including transportation, is about 9 hours. There will be a stop for wine tasting at one or more wineries (combined with lunch if you want at one of the two) and a visit to the following wineries Montalcino and (optional) theAbbey of Sant'Antimo.

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